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Delight- is an enchanting blend of evergreens and fruits. With middle notes of deep red berry balance the woody pine and juniper notes. The fresh evergreen notes are reinforced by eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf essential oils.


Enjoy this classic fragrance anytime of your day.



Top: Citrus, Camphor, Ozone
Middle: Cherry Blossom, Berry, Red Currant, Pine, Pear

Base: Sage, Juniper


*Natural Soy Wax

*Phthalate Free Fragrance

*Hand Poured- Hand Made

*Lead -Free Cotton Wick

*40+ Hours Burn Time


~Be sure to trim your candle  wick before every burn to  1/8"-1/4"

~Allow your candle to burn at least 1-2 hours to create a full melt pool  and avoid tunneling.

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